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At The Hastings Stage Studio, we believe that each one of us can sing. We actively encourage people of all ages to use their voices to express themselves across a range of mediums. Whether you are singing solo, in a choir, a cappella or a duet, our school can accommodate your preference.

We focus on vocal coaching aspects like

Develop your singing skills at The Hastings Stage Studio

  • Physical posture

  • Projection skills

  • Vocal range extension

  • Breathing and breath support

  • Diction and phrasing clarity

  • Overall performance

Speech and singing tuition for all age groups

For professional voice coaching in Hastings, get in touch with us today.

From dynamics to falsettos, we work on every aspect of voice coaching and help you with different music compositions. We teach the technical details of singing as well as the emotion in a way that sounds good to everyone - singer and audience alike.

Explore hidden talent

Open up your vocal range and call now:

Speech and singing tuition for all age groups